Ottawa hockey fans have 5 important questions for Sens ownership

Questions were crowdsourced on Twitter using #AskMelnyk hashtag

The fans have spoken—and they have questions. After raising more than $10,000 for an awareness campaign to address concerns with the direction of the Ottawa Senators franchise, fans were asked to submit their top questions for Sens ownership to be presented prior to the town hall session on April 10 and 11.

Hundreds of submissions were received via Twitter using the hashtag #AskMelnyk and through the website. The top questions that emerged from this consultation have been aggregated and represent the views and concerns of many of the Ottawa Senators most devoted fans.

As not all fans can be present at the season ticket holder event, it is our hope that these five questions will be addressed by Mr. Melnyk so that fans know their concerns are being heard and addressed.

The top 5 #AskMelnyk questions:

1.   Given the fact that Erik Karlsson is a generational player, fan favourite, and ambassador for the city, will you commit to re-signing Erik Karlsson?

2.   If Karlsson isn’t re-signed, will you assure fans that any trade will be made based on hockey-related factors and not financial ones?

3.   Will you apologize for your comments at the NHL 100 Classic and commit to not threaten to relocate the team again?

4.   Will you commit to hiring a locally based CEO to help re-build the relationship with the Ottawa community?

5.   Given that the Ottawa Senators are believed to have one of the smallest hockey operations departments in the league, will you commit to re-investing in player development, scouting, and analytics in order to enhance the team’s chances of success?

Fans are concerned with the closed nature of these town hall meetings, and hope that the Ottawa Senators organization includes all fans in the process to return the franchise to greatness.

About the campaign

#AskMelynk/#MelnykOut is a fan-driven campaign to start a conversation among fans, media, businesses, and local leadership to address the long-standing issues that have negatively impacted an important pillar of our community—the Ottawa Senators. Hundreds of fans donated to the campaign and thousands more have voiced their support to ensure the future of NHL hockey in Ottawa is bright. Visit for more details.