Our Mission:


We are being heard. Now it's time for answers. 

Have a question for Mr. Melnyk? Ask it on Twitter using the hashtag #AskMelnyk or submit it via our contact form. We will submit the top questions to Mr. Melnyk.


Our Goal

This campaign is more than just a billboard, it is the beginning of a conversation. 

As fans of the Ottawa Senators, we have watched as our team has gone from being one of the most respected in the league, to an ongoing calamity that has become an embarrassment.

Our goal is to start a conversation among fans, media, businesses, and local leadership to help rescue the Ottawa Senators from an owner who has lost the vision or passion to be the caretaker of our beloved hockey team.

This is not about one bad season on the ice. This is about years of alienating the fans, the players, and the community that relies on the Ottawa Senators for so much more than just hockey.  


Our Impact

In a matter of hours, the Ottawa fan community made its voice heard loud and clear. We will no longer be disrespected. We will no longer be taken for granted. We will no longer support an owner who does not support us. 



THOUSAND Dollars Raised

More than doubling the original goal.




Donations from as little as $5.



HOURS to reach funding goal 

Page shared more than 2000 times.


Get Involved

This campaign is for the fans. Hundreds have already contributed in whatever way they could to let their voices be heard. Only by being vocal can we hope to make a positive impact on the team and community we love. 


Print a sticker or sign

Download and print a bumper sticker for your car or a sign to take to a game. Send us a photo of your #MelnykOut swag!

Volunteer opportunities

Want to help spread the word? Have a specific skill or campaign idea? Contact us and let us know!

Make a Donation

Donate to the Go Fund Me campaign. All funds not used for the campaign will be donated to the Sens Foundation.